Tipping Point Solutions (WOSB) is focused on helping customers involved with National Security; improve their business and investment models by applying low cost technical, process and/or human capital solutions to reach a “tipping point” that causes a large effect on the prevailing issue.

For the past 35 years, members of the executive team of Tipping Point Solutions have been involved with the world’s most pressing issues spanning from the end of the cold war with missile defense to environmental management of nuclear waste to providing capacity building support to hostile and austere locations around the world.

Our philosophy – Engineer solutions creatively for the most complex and demanding national security challenges.

As Chairwoman/CEO/Owner of Tipping Point Solutions Inc. my commitment is to provide the highest quality of professionalism and integrity to our customers and to provide ever-enriching opportunity to our employees.  I invite you to share your thoughts with us as we meet the Nation’s challenges.