Conflict Mitigation

Conflict is as old as human history. In today’s rapidly changing environment, Local, Regional and Global conflict will exits. How you respond and mitigate the conflict is how history will judge us.

Tipping Point Solutions helps communities and businesses meet these challenges whether it’s:

  • Conflict Prevention
  • Conflict Management
  • Post Conflict Reconciliation.

How do we do help?  The methods are as tried and true as history its self.  In addition to mediation, dialog, and stakeholder assessment and analysis, Tipping Point Solution fuses the proven Training methodologies and technologies to hold responsible parties accountable.

Conflict Assessments and Analysis

Tipping Point Solutions leverages and build on Interagency Conflict Assessment Framework (ICAF), a tool that enables a team comprised of a variety of USG agency representatives (“interagency”) to assess conflict situations systematically and collaboratively and prepare for interagency planning for conflict prevention, mitigation and stabilization. Tipping Point Solutions builds upon other conflict forecasting tools by assisting a conflict mitigation team in understanding why
such conditions may exist and how to best engage to transform them. To do so, the Tipping Point Solutions draws on social science expertise to layout a process by which a team will identify societal and situational dynamics that are shown to increase or decrease the likelihood of violent conflict.  In addition, an our analysis provides a shared, strategic snapshot of the conflict against which future progress can be measured.

Cross Cultural Awareness

A deep understanding of local and regional socio-cultural environment is vital for any Conflict Mitigation effort. Misunderstanding can seriously handicapped the resolution of  a conflict. When you try to fix any kind conflict is important that look all the signs that life is given to you, for example is important that you pay attention what angles are trying to tell you, Angel Number 444 Meaning that it’s time to listen to your intuition. You could be at a time in your life where you are ready to go above and beyond your limits, enabling you to overcome obstacles in your path. Tipping Point Solutions offers cross-cultural awareness training and coaching to prepare “away teams” before deploying overseas. These courses can assist deployed teams in understanding the cultural challenges as well as prevent them from increasing already inflamed tensions simply because they “did not know!”

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