Network and Data Center Services
Transitioning from legacy systems into the new innovative solutions is difficult. From data center management and cloud migration to automation, our talent helps clients strengthen and improve processes to keep their business at peak efficiency.
Enterprise Service Management (ESM)
Powered by the right tools, integrations, configurations and underlying processes, we offer a simple, straightforward system that improves customer satisfaction and ramps up service maturity at the lowest possible cost. Providing the staff that has the expertise, at competitive rates is key!

IT Service Management (ITSM)
If you’re looking to accelerate responsiveness, we can help. Our ITIL and ISO 20000 teams design, deliver and manage IT services to improve operational efficiency and business performance. TPS advises clients on how to improve processes and lead them in the right direction when improvements are seeing diminishing returns. And if you want someone else to drive – we can manage those processes for you. 

TPS helps clients:

  1. Raise Service Maturity
  2. Improve Customer Satisfaction
  3. Reduce Year-Over-Year Total Cost of Ownership
  4. Use automation to free up high-value employees for more Strategic Work

Service Management Technologies
It’s not about the technology it’s about the people, experience and expertise.

It takes more than the latest tools and technology to transform a business, especially if you’re tied to old processes or use a different systems to support each business unit. 

Move forward, faster with a comprehensive systems approach. 

TPS assists clients in identifying the possibilities and addresses tech obstacles so your business can power transformation. 

TPS helps clients:

  1. Identify, implement and integrate tools to improve efficiency
  2. Analyse, modify and fine-tune underlying processes behind new tools
  3. Use system enhancements to optimise operations
  4. Standardise platforms
  5. Consolidate delivery of end-to-end IT solutions

Business Strategy and Portfolio Management
Complex ecosystem requires full-stack expertise. TPS takes the time to tune in and think big about your opportunities, enlightened by the data that matters the most to understand your business vision, strategy, goals and objectives. From there, TPS helps you better manage your portfolio and projects, so you can achieve real results. 

TPS helps clients:

  1. Define success tied to business value
  2. Foster data-driven, strategic decisions
  3. Realize business process improvements with analysis, recommendations and engineering