Information Analytics & Security


Social analytics and cyber security engagement are critical. Information is precious – understand it and protect it.

The world has changed – social networks, the blogosphere and the exploding amount of web-based content means government agencies need to decide how to “listen” to the billions of conversations occurring online and decipher what those conversations and content mean to all facets of their mission. Whether it is information to conduct criminal background analysis (individual or corporate), tracking sentiment related to US government interests, predicting fraud and terrorism related to individual criminal case requirements, and/or resonating US government strategies for encouraging freedom and democracy world-wide, understanding what is being said and then extrapolating actionable and intelligent information is more crucial than ever.

There is a wealth of information that can be gleaned from not just participating in social media, but instantly analyzing and understanding the conversation, how it has shifted over time, applying it and integrating it into an overall strategy to quickly differentiate current/growing threats or leverage the information to learn and possibly influence the behavior for a given foreign policy.

Areas of Expertise:

Social Media Data Collection, Analytics, and Analysis 

Tipping Point Solutions’ subscription based model for Open Source and Social Media analytics platform and services provides the following:

• Continuously monitor media on the World Wide Web to measure the reach and effectiveness of investigative campaigns with Salesforce, news and events

• Compare any number of topics or subjects between multiple data providers

• Deliver sentiment analysis and alert capabilities across pre-configured and ad hoc topics against more than 3 years of historical data and up to the present day

• Provide an on-demand, dynamic map of influential sites and users across topics in real-time

• Provide Federal Agency analyst and leadership with interactive, executive level reporting capabilities across unlimited key subjects/individuals and topics in order to track patterns of sentiment per country as it relates to topics of interest, look for methods of fraudulent and inaccurate dissemination of information, and identify means to ensure the security of U.S. interests on an ongoing basis.

Cyber Security Architecture

CyberSecurity entails the protection of both private and public sector’s interests in cyber space and their dependency on digital networks.  The increasing sophistication, frequency and scale of cyber-crime means that both sectors need to increase their levels of protection across their operations.

Tipping Point’s IT Security Advisory Services work with senior management teams to assess the viability of their chosen strategies, and shape their operations to achieve secure operations that support governance and growth objectives.

• Risk and IT Security Assessment – An industry or federal standards-based assessment to identify sources of risk, evaluate their impact on core business process to develop a plan that improves an organizations operational resiliency.

• Security Architecture Review – A review of the network and security infrastructure, of an organization, in the context of how effectively it supports the organization’s security program and growth strategy.  Provides recommendations to improve security posture and compensating controls implemented via technical solutions to lower costs and reuse existing technologies and capabilities.

• Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment (IVA) – Identifies technical and configuration vulnerabilities associated with mission-critical infrastructure components.

High Confidence Software and Systems 

Tipping Point’s High Confidence Software and Systems practice is structured to focus on new scientific and technological foundations that can enable entirely new generations of engineered designs that are becoming essential for effectively operating life-, safety-, security-, and mission-critical systems.  Tipping Point’s access to security cleared High Confidence Software and Systems professionals and academia provide the requisite skill sets to assist key federal agencies as they meet today’s and tomorrow’s challenges. These challenges are related to complex, networked, distributed computing systems and cyber-physical systems that are not yet able to develop in a reliable, robust, safe, secure, certifiably dependable and/or quality-of service (qos) dependable manner. Make sure to also read something about data management system like the one at